Craftsmanship & Construction

The process of creating a Pascali frame is an art, and the jury’s out on that one.

Take a guess at how many steps are involved… over 50! Each hand crafted piece within the process is made in Adelaide. 

Here’s a little teaser, introducing some of the first steps. 

Pascali manufacturing begins with the frame front being milled out on the CAD milling machine. It is then heated for the purpose of setting its memory, and then placed in a mould to manipulate the curvature of the frame front.  


Long story short, many more meticulous steps follow this, which is the equivalent of a few more days of hand crafting artistry and expertise to follow. 

The most collaborative aspect of the process is deciding on which colour of the highest quality Italian acetate to use. This is the step that remains that most unique for you, your needs, your lifestyle, and your preferences. 

Your Pascali frame is a blank canvas for you to unleash your ultimate colour dream. Be as pedantic or as quirky as you please, we encourage it! Pascali is personification in a frame! 

At Pascali we do not mass-produce, additionally we won’t even make the same frame twice. When ordering a bespoke Pascali frame, we require a matter of weeks to locally manufacture the frame, Rome wasn’t built in a day after all. 

By purchasing a Pascali, you are supporting: local crafts, local ideas, and local brains.

Pascali represents classic colliding with contemporary.


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