POV: You’re Pascali’s Eyewear Designer

In the realm of fashion and personal style, eyewear has transcended its pragmatic roots to become a statement of individuality and sophistication. Hello, my name is Ola and welcome to the niche world of eyewear designing here in Adelaide, South Australia.

My narrative starts with embodying a hobby in eyewear and a passion for creative design, collaborating with Adelaide City Optometrist’s own in-house brand Pascali. I have been striving to re-work the eyewear landscape and experience at ACO. My overarching goal? To cater to diverse tastes by offering designs that resonate with those seeking timeless elegance and classic appeal and boundary-pushing designs.


With Pascali I wanted the designs to speak to a dual audience, you could see there was a fine line in clients who wanted a minimal, classic fit and those who wanted to stretch into a more adventurous statement. My philosophy is straightforward: glasses aren’t just for vision correction—they’re an expression of your unique identity. My designs strive to make you feel confident and special, reflecting your personality and style.


For the classic enthusiasts, I looked to curate frames that exude charm through simplicity. These designs embrace clean lines, calm tones, and understated embellishments, capturing the essence of sophistication and timelessness. Think the Harry, Bass or Charlie frames.

Ola wearing the Pascali CHARLIE

On the flip side, my more bold seeking designs cater to the adventurous souls seeking to make a statement. Boundary-pushing frames are not only in the designs but in exploration of colors and textures that drift from the norms. By integrating bolder details in the nose bridge, lens shape or bevelling sides, I tried to reflect a spirit of individuality and a celebration of personal expression. Speaking to the designs of the Ellis, Lexi, Helena or Opera frames.

Ola wearing the Pascali OPERA

Adelaide City Optometrist has become a hotspot for eyewear enthusiasts and I love to think that I’ve had a small part to play in their growth of Pascali with my passion for eyewear and design. From hobbyist to devotee I hope my visionary designs (pun intended) change the game and make eyewear not just a necessity but a statement –  an expression of your unique self.