As PASCALI is launching a statement sunglass to the ever expanding collection, we needed a larger than life leather case to compliment the newest addition. Buckle up, as we share about the inception behind the local, limited edition, collaborative venture: PASCALI x Glad.


Collaboration leads to inspiration. PASCALI and Stuff By Glad, both share the same great synergy, as both products are crafted by hand in Adelaide, using a blend of high quality Australian and Italian materials.


A word from Isabella, the creative mastermind (designer) behind Stuff by Glad: “My priority through Stuff by Glad has always been making locally and producing high quality goods. Partnering with Pascali for this collaboration was about a synergy of ethos. We’re both small businesses operating at similar scales, designing and manufacturing our goods entirely in Adelaide…”


As fast fashion saturates the market… PASCALI and Glad are going against that grain. Creating sustainable made-to-order products that are like pillars, upholding their shared ethos for longevity.


These cases exude the fusion of: contemporary twists on classics. The leather slip case features a curved cutaway accent mirroring the curves of the dramatic OPERA sunglass.


Full creative execution was given to the Pascali team to choose the leather and suede colourways.

“Pascali Eyewear is the embodiment of fun. Vibrant eye candy. Our team dreamed of bold, and unforgettable colours that might not traditionally be chosen, like red and pink for example.”


The PASCALI team asked Isabella a few questions:


What makes you glad about Adelaide’s creative scene/industry? 

“I am glad that it is growing! I’ve noticed a shift in mentality from younger creatives – a tendency to up and leave to Melbourne has been replaced with a newfound sense of hometown ambition. I feel a lot more people in their early twenties are creating amazing things, spaces and events here. It’s important, even if we’re not here forever, to invest a bit of ourselves here. It certainly makes it easier for anyone coming up in the scene after us.”


What makes you glad when you are uninspired?

“Creating in other ways – drawing, painting, sometimes even writing – these other activities tend to inspire and inform my leatherworking, or unblock my brain when I am stuck!”


Do you have a favourite colour that makes you feel glad?

“Orange is my forever favourite colour, which is why it features in most of my seasons. It’s the quintessential Glad colour. Bright, bold, wearable.”


What music makes you glad, when you’re in the studio creating?

“I share my studio space with my dad, so usually we have to compromise and listen to things we both like (think Talking Heads, Crowded House, Dire Straits etc). This week I’ve been enjoying a collection of old favourites (Marlon Williams, The Growlers, Kurt Vile).”


“I think it’s super special we were able to create these pieces that harness both our brands values and of course, aesthetics.”


This is a limited edition collaboration consisting of five bespoke slip cases, hot off the press. These products will be gone quickly, however they will be in your sweet little hands to treasure, for a good time – and a long time. 


To browse the local limited edition collab, visit our store: Adelaide City Optometrist.